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A GoPro fell out of a plane, landed in a pig pen and was found intact – and check out what it recorded

We don’t have many details of this – but take the YouTube video description for what it is. A GoPro is ready to go in a skydiving plane with a bunch of jumpers. Somehow, it accidentally falls from the plane, and tumbles down, spinning furiously (and we see a cool effect of recording framerate/spin-rate almost matching) all the way. And it keeps recording.

The whole thing is remarkable – first the GoPro surviving and being found intact, by the guy who uploaded it, some eight-months later, is very cool.

But what happens after it lands in a pig-pen, with the camera facing upwards, is what makes it really interesting.

No spoilers – check it out.

Ps – A tech note about the spinning, that happens from about the 14 second mark to the 29 second mark (not fun to watch).

The GoPro was spinning, it very nearly synced up with the recording frame-rate (likely 30FPS), making it possible to see where it was going for the last few seconds of flight.

Update: Confirmed spinning at 60 revolutions per second or 3600RPM. At a 30FPS filming rate, we’re seeing two spins per one frame of video. Check out audio analysis by a redditor here.

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    Thursday 13 February 2014

    Brilliant! Love it – but doesn’t that audio show 50fps, rather than 60? And to match with the GoPro, that would mean a 25fps filming rate.
    Sorry to be all techie!


      Tristan Rayner

      Thursday 13 February 2014

      Love getting a bit techie! So, our friend audio is showing six distinct peaks over .1 of a second. A full second, is therefore 60 peaks. And that’ll mean 60 frames per second.

      Also – GoPros either do 24 or 30fps – not 25. Cheers!