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How to download Flappy Bird for iPhone/iOS and Android

You want to play Flappy Bird, even though it’s gone from the various App Stores? Here’s how.

Recap: Why Flappy Bird had its wings clipped


Even though Flappy Bird is gone, you might still be able to play by downloading an APK.

If you follow these links on your Android phone, you’ll be able to download the APK and install it.

1. Download via any of the following:
» Mediafire download
» Filedropper download
» Google Drive download (via AdFly – click through)

2. Go to ‘Downloads’
3. Tap the file ‘Flappybird.apk’ (You may have security set up: if so, go to ‘Settings’, tap ‘Security’, scroll to ‘Device Administration’ and check the box for ‘Unknown Sources’)
4. Install, find the app, and play!

iOS – for iPhone/iPad

1. Download the IPA file via the following:
» Google Drive download (via AdFly – click through)

2. Follow these instructions (which go around iTunes):

Is there any other way?
We’re hearing that people selling second-hand phones are plugging that they have Flappy Bird installed, and are making a little more money than average because of this. To capitalism!

What else?
Well, there’s a Doge version, which you can play on your computer just by going here. It’s called Dogetek, and it’s almost the same. Just as frustrating, anyway.

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Comment (6)


    Tuesday 11 February 2014

    My device isn’t jailbroken and I NEEEEEEED Flappy Bird 1.2 🙁 help!!


      Tristan Rayner

      Tuesday 11 February 2014

      Yep, that’s not going to be easy, sorry AJ. You’ll need to jailbreak if you’re going to get this working.



        Wednesday 12 February 2014

        Would the app still working after unjailbreaking afterwards? I want to sell my new iphone on ebay with flappy bird preinstalled…


          Tristan Rayner

          Wednesday 12 February 2014

          My understanding is that it would. But do remember that officially, eBay only allows factory default phones to be sold. In theory.

          Let us know how it goes for you Firebrand.



    Thursday 13 February 2014

    Download .ipa flappy bird




      Friday 28 February 2014

      Do u have Flappy Bird ipk for Android?