Oculus Rift virtual reality 3-D goggles? Check. Infant onesies embedded with machine-washable sensors? Check, again. We agree, gadgets are fun. So if you’re really into gadgets – the cool, the hi-tech, the futuristic – you will find them here. Just don’t expect us to get that excited about Apple TV. That was sooo 2007.

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Beam: the portable smart projector for any surface

Leah Gonzalez Contributor

By Leah Gonzalez in Gadgets on Monday 20 April 2015

Successfully funded via Kickstarter last March, Beam is a smart projector and LED light that can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet.

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How bottled lighting is illuminating the developing world

Joe Frost Contributor

By Joe Frost in Gadgets on Friday 17 April 2015

In the past four years, one simple, cheap invention has brought light to an estimated 1 million people throughout the world, while contributing zero carbon emissions. And you’ve probably got all the materials required to build it in your home right now.

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Codie: Teaching kids to code with their own Wall-E

Tyler O'Hare Contributor

By Tyler O'Hare in Gadgets on Thursday 16 April 2015

Learning to code is like playing an instrument – it’s much better to start when you’re younger, it could one day prove to be invaluable, and sometimes it’s hard to grasp the concept without seeing any real, tangible evidence of your progress. Enter Codie.

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This bird flies 2570 kilometres non-stop and makes you look like a slob

Reader Find

By Jack Boulton Roe in Gadgets on Thursday 16 April 2015

What’s the furthest distance you’ve travelled non-stop without using a vehicle? 10 kilometres? 15? 20? How about 2500? Meet the blackpoll warbler.

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Synapse: A 3D-printed helmet that morphs with your thoughts


By Chloe Olewitz in Gadgets on Tuesday 14 April 2015

What if you could control 3D-printed creations – and the environment around you – with nothing but your thoughts? Synapse is a 3D-printed headset destined to answer just that question.

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How to get the Apple Watch band you really wanted

Rodney Gordon Reader Find

By Rodney Gordon in Gadgets on Tuesday 14 April 2015

If you pre-ordered an Apple Watch your life is already pretty exciting, but not everyone was lucky enough to snatch the exact band they wanted.

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HTC One M9: Australian review


By Chris Southcott in Gadgets, Mobile on Monday 13 April 2015

The HTC One M9 is a great smartphone. It’s beautiful, it’s fast, and thanks to a few added features, like a microSD card slot for up to 128GB of added storage, I could totally see myself owning it.

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Drones are saving wild elephant populations from poachers in Africa

Dan Wighton Contributor

By Dan Wighton in Gadgets on Sunday 12 April 2015

Drones haven’t had the best run of things lately. They have been criticised for their use in warfare in Pakistan and Yemen, they crash often and everywhere and they have been used to spy on people getting changed in their own homes (or at least that was the case once in South Park).

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Garmin’s Vivoactive smartwatch shows us what could be, but is ultimately feeble


By Tristan Rayner in Gadgets on Saturday 11 April 2015

The first day I wore Garmin’s new Vivoactive smartwatch, retailing for around $330, I was asked on the bus if I was wearing an Apple Watch.

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Liquid Body Armour: Best ever protection that won’t dry up

Tyler O'Hare Contributor

By Tyler O'Hare in Gadgets on Friday 10 April 2015

Innovations with protective armour aren’t just about making vests that are is thicker, harder, or heavier. One company thinking that the best protection against a stay bullet is actually liquid – could that be right?

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