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WATCH: This Dad and four-year-old duet is insanely impressive

It’s been a pretty rough time recently with all the bad news, fake news and celebrity deaths. Sometimes you just want to sit back, listen to a nice tune and forget about it all.

You can’t be alone, because one of the recent top videos on Reddit is this absolute gem of a duet performed by a dad and his daughter. The song is ‘You Got a Friend in Me’, the Oscar-nominated theme song from Toy Story (1995) by Randy Newman.

Admittedly, I was a little apprehensive going in – I mean, I have heard toddlers sing after all. Usually they struggle with things such as tone, rhythm and lyrics. You know, everything.

This little lady totally kills it though.

“It’s the second verse – I’m doing the second verse,” she whispers before belting it out.

She’s great – the phrasing, expression, pitch and the bluesy turn on “friend in me” are all exquisite.

The video stormed to the top of r/videos, racking up over 14,000 upvotes and 700 comments in half a day.

It was posted from a channel called ‘Claire and the Crosbys’, which currently has around 100,000 subscribers and 24 million views. Expect those numbers to go up!

According to the channel info, “Claire is a 4-year old who loves to sing and make music with her Dad (Dave Crosby)”.

Well, Claire – you are awesome!

And Dad isn’t too bad either.

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