Featured Image for WATCH: John Oliver’s incredible takedown of Trump’s lies is essential viewing

WATCH: John Oliver’s incredible takedown of Trump’s lies is essential viewing

John Oliver’s back, trying to wrestle the world back from the ‘post-truth’ era.

The eagerly awaited return of Last Week Tonight did not disappoint, with the British comedian taking on perhaps the biggest issue in the world today: truth.

Donald Trump’s willing and flagrant disregard for facts has sent the world spiralling into a place where the very word has almost become meaningless.

So Oliver and his team set about fixing this by exploring four questions:

1. How did a man with such a contempt for or poor grasp of the truth end up as president?
2. Where are his lies coming from?
3. Why do so many people believe them?
4. And what can be done about it?

While his scathing take on the first three questions was television at its finest, it was the fourth where Oliver truly shone.

Commenting on Trump’s obsession with cable news throughout the segment, Oliver pondered ‘what was the best way to get through to the President of the United States?

The answer?

Take out some actually genuinely real advertisements during his favourite shows on MSN, CNN and FOX and educate that man.


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