by Claire Porter in Social on Friday 6 June 2014

From June 30th, Flickr users will no longer be able to sign in using their Facebook and Google accounts.

Yahoo sent Flickr users the news this morning:

After June 30, Flickr will remove the option to sign in with a Facebook or Google account,” the company wrote. “Instead, you will be able to sign in using a Yahoo account. To create your Yahoo account click “Get Started” below.

We want to make this transition as easy as possible. If you have any questions, please check out our Help Articles or come see us in the Help Forum.

We appreciate your understanding during this transition.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need that service so badly that I’m prepared to set up yet another email address, just so Yahoo! can inflate its user numbers.

I’ll bet a portion of users feel the same.


A screenshot of the email received by Flickr users this morning.

I guess it’ll come down to how much time and content people have dedicated to their account versus the time and hassle of finding somewhere else to display their photos (like there aren’t already enough options).

Unfortunately, the transition process isn’t an uncomplicated breeze either – with many users, including here in the Techly offices, struggling to avoid being stuck in redirect-loop-limbo. We found we’d be redirected to a Google log-in screen, then back to the Flickr ‘You must create a Yahoo account page’, only to tell some of us that we’d already had a Yahoo account connected to our Google account. Whereupon we’d be logged back out again.

Yahoo customer service were helpful, but it was still a far-too-painful process.

Our tip is to head straight to your profile page/photo stream. Or consider other options.

Are you a Flickr user that signs in with Facebook or Google? Will you be keeping your account?