by Tristan Rayner in Apps on Wednesday 5 March 2014

Hoverboards: here, now. Being used by celebrities, including Tony Hawk. For a product that needs absolutely no hyping, this video is about as awesome as you can get. And who else would you get to ride your hoverboard prototype than Tony Hawk?

It’s a great video, and would make anyone demand one. Right now.

Unfortunately it’s a hoax. Repeat: it’s unquestionably fake.

Why would they toy with our emotions like this?

There are clues that it’s not quite real throughout the video – check out their shoulders for a suggestion people are being held up with wires.

And here you can see a crane elevating one of the ‘hoverboarders’ (check the giveaway shadow on the white structure).

And, of course, anyone looking to crunch the numbers will tell you the technology would be something so game-changing for human society that ‘antigravity’ tech for hoverboards would come a long way after a million other applications, like hover-pizzas being delivered right to our hungry faces…

What this all means is yet to be revealed. What is this fake hoverboard company really selling us? Why is it so elaborate? Why are Christopher Lloyd, Tony Hawk, Moby, Mark Cuban, and more, pushing this fake project? And why wouldn’t they be even more excited if the boards were real? I mean people should have grins the size of a whale playing with this, celebrity or not.

It could all come back to comedy website Funny or Die, which is led by Will Ferrell. Sleuthers around the web have found this cached online resume from a member of the cast, Lauren Biedenharn, who works as a stylist:

And it gets deeper, with this video featuring Billy Zane:

There’s speculation it could be pushing the next in the Back To The Future series. It could also be something to see how many people it fools.

We’ll find out, soon enough.