Aussie Red Cross trialling new technology to take the pain out of finding the vein

Joe Frost Contributor

By Joe Frost in Gadgets on Friday 24 October 2014

Ever donated blood only to be treated like a pin cushion, being stuck a dozen times as the red-faced needle jockey tells you, “you’ve got hard-to-find veins”? Well the Red Cross are trialling new near infra-red technology that visualises your veins and projects them onto your skin, making everyone’s veins easy to find.

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Hey Apple, it’s time you acknowledged and solved your MacBook Pro problem

Chris Smith Partner

By Chris Smith in Gadgets on Saturday 25 October 2014

I am writing these words on a MacBook Pro. There are many like it, but this Mac is mine. My MacBook is the tool I use most in my life. My MacBook, without me, is useless. Without my MacBook, I am useless.

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There’s a chance your Windows computer is being hacked right now

Chris Smith Partner

By Chris Smith in Web on Saturday 25 October 2014

Take a closer look at your current Windows machine. It might be one of the millions of PCs that could be hacked right now and you might not even know anything is happening. At least, that’s what two different reports say, covering two equally disturbing vulnerabilities that hackers can take advantage of.

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Neal Ungerleider Partner

By Neal Ungerleider in Web on Saturday 25 October 2014

It’s the kind of story that could only happen in Las Vegas:, a web domain purchased by speculators in 2008 for $13,500, just sold for $50,000 and a large number of shares in a marijuana startup owned by the former governor of New Mexico.

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Dude, where’s my luggage? With smart luggage, you’ll always know

Bianca Wright Contributor

By Bianca Wright in Gadgets on Friday 24 October 2014

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing trip to Bali or Singapore; unless of course your luggage winds up in Hong Kong or stays put in Australia. Fear not! A number of suitcase manufacturers and technology companies may just have the solution: smart luggage. We’re not talking designer wares here, but rather techno-smart travel cases.

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“When fashion is a marketing tool it doesn’t work”: Why Apple and Co. are failing at wearables

Claire Porter Editor

By Claire Porter in Gadgets on Friday 24 October 2014

Tech and fashion are colliding in a way that no one would have thought possible back in the days of beige boxes. But despite the attempts of Apple and the rest to get their moment in the sun, analysts say most companies trying to latch-on to the high-tech hipster bandwagon are getting it wrong from the outset.

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Moto 360’s release date in Australia, and how much it’ll cost you to own one


By Rachel Oakley in Gadgets on Friday 24 October 2014

If you’ve been hanging out for the Moto 360 since its announcement, you’re in luck. It’s finally being released in Australia and New Zealand after significant delays, and we’ve got all the info. you need about getting one.

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Best and worst of crowdfunding: End-of-the-world fitness and pointless wireless

Joe Frost Contributor

By Joe Frost in Crowdfunding on Friday 24 October 2014

This week in crowdfunding we’re looking at two of the most common first-world complaints – a lack of motivation to exercise, and the day-destroyer that is forgetting to charge your phone. The fitness issue is tackled in a cool, creative way. The flat phone battery? Well, you’re probably still going to have to keep a second charger at work.

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Drones set to save the lives of killer whales

Luke McKinney Contributor

By Luke McKinney in Gadgets on Friday 24 October 2014

Researchers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have deployed a hexacopter to capture images of killer whales, gathering important scientific data and some stunning footage.

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Google announces its first major update for Android Wear

Zach Epstein Partner

By Zach Epstein in Apps on Friday 24 October 2014

Google on Thursday made a few big announcements pertaining to Android Wear, one of which is the addition of a significant feature many users have been waiting for.

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