How do you plant trees in a city of water? Create a floating forest

Benjamin Pineros Contributor

By Benjamin Pineros in Exhale on Saturday 6 February 2016

The city of Rotterdam has approved the unusual project of building a twenty tree forest that will grow floating in the historic harbor area of Rijnhaven.

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This toddler with a GoPro playing hide and seek is just the cutest thing ever

Riordan Lee Contributor

By Riordan Lee in Exhale on Friday 5 February 2016

Finally! GoPros being used for their proper purpose. Yep, that’s right, I give to you this gift – a GoPro video on social media that isn’t made by Red Bull .

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Terrifying, giant spider found crawling in Woolies salad because ‘Straya

Riordan Lee Contributor

By Riordan Lee in Exhale, Social on Friday 5 February 2016

This is probably the worst possible thing that could happen when buying a bag of pre-made salad.

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Frugal Friday: When cheaper is actually better

Joe Frost Contributor

By Joe Frost in Web on Friday 5 February 2016

In our experience here at Techly, while there are some things you should never cheap out on – seatbelts, condoms and engagement rings come to mind – there are plenty of things in the world that are just as good when bought for a bargain.

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Massive Attack’s app remixes their new EP based on your personal surroundings


By Ronan O'Connell in Apps on Friday 5 February 2016

Rampant online pirating has forced music artists to adapt, and band Massive Attack have done just that with a unique new app which gives users individualised re-mixes of their songs.

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Techly explains: Why is instant coffee so expensive?

Reader Find

By Jack Boulton Roe in Web on Friday 5 February 2016

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who curse themselves when they run out of their brand of instant coffee and have to fork out a fortune to ensure the next day isn’t a total write-off due to drinking the cheap stuff, and people who buy up big when the good stuff is on sale.

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Matt Barrie’s scathing, epic rant on Sydney’s draconian lock-out laws is a must-read

Riordan Lee Contributor

By Riordan Lee in Exhale, Travel on Thursday 4 February 2016

The great city of Sydney is not what it used to be. Matt Barrie has noticed this and he is mad as hell.

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This boyfriend’s reaction to almost getting struck by lightning is everything

Riordan Lee Contributor

By Riordan Lee in Exhale on Thursday 4 February 2016

The say love is a bolt from the blue. But this Melbourne couple may have interpreted the old saying a bit too literally, as they came within metres of being struck down by lightning while holidaying in Sydney.

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This Irish man hilariously, repeatedly, can’t say this one simple sentence


By Tristan Rayner in Web on Thursday 4 February 2016

It seems oh so easy. There’s no need for me to be here today. But what if you’re Irish?

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Lenka tells us how she’s managed to stay on top for two decades

Techly Contributor

By Techly in Web on Thursday 4 February 2016

Aussie musician Lenka has been flat-out of late. But then that’s nothing new for an artist who has been consistently working in TV, film and music since the early 1990s.

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